The notion that seniors don’t wish to use or embrace technology couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more research is continuously on the show that seniors are merely as interested in technology as it is with the younger generation. This narrowing of the digital divide provides seniors even more resources to help them stay in touch, maintain a social calendar, enjoy travel, and then monitor their health. All of these goes to show that age merely is a number.

Of course, many senior citizens are ready to jump right into using technology, but their lack of know-how leaves them being anxious. It shouldn’t be this way! By helping them gain ease of access to engineering, technological discovery, we can empower them to take on better control of their lifestyle. Besides,
studies have proven that technology has helped seniors with social participation and fight off social isolation.

Empowerji has taken up this very notion and has based workshops wherein, technology is brought to the tip of one’s finger.

Why Workshops and Events?

Keeping ourselves engaged and mentally excited is very important for our overall health. It is especially important to make an effort towards this as we age consciously.

We at Empowerji conduct Workshops and Events all year round to promote awareness about Technological know-how. We get experts in their domains to conduct these courses.

Stuff that you can learn at our Workshop:-

  1. Mobile Basics:- Introduction to basic features of Mobile/Smart Phones.
  2. Social Media:- supports Introduction to Social Media, Ways that Social websites can cause Digital Growth, Cybercrimes through Social Media, etc.
  3. E-commerce: – Introduction to E-commerce, Difference between E-commerce and E-Business, Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce, etc .
  4. Online costs payment: – Introduction to Online Bill Payment, Why you should end up choosing Online bill payment (monthly/yearly), Advantages and Disadvantages of Online costs payment, etc.
  5. Secureness: – Introduction to Online, Computer, Mobile, Banking Security, Benefits and drawbacks of Security, etc.