Empowerji Assistant Service For Seniors

The EJI App simplifies the use of technology for Seniors. EJI will allow you to shop online, pay bills, order cabs and more through a chat interface that is easier to use than Whatsapp. No need to navigate through complicated sites and apps to order or pay bills. EJI prompts you for information on your order and completes the transaction in a short chat.
Especially useful for Seniors and people who are not familiar with tech and/or want to save time and money!

EJI is available on the Playstore and is live for the Medication Order module. Considering the on-going pandemic situation, EJI services will be focused on essentials delivery and bill payment.

The EJI App is free but for payments made through the app, payment gateway charges may apply. .                        

Order all your medicines on EJI and get:

  • Free delivery
  • Discounts on all orders
  • As easy as Whatsapp
  • Multiple payment options (COD/Card/UPI on delivery)

The following modules will be added in EJI later in June 2020:

  • Bill Pay – Pay all your Pre Paid, Post Paid, Electricity, DTH, Landline & other bills
  • Grocery Order – Order fresh produce, grains, spices and more

See Refund & Cancellation Policy