Empowerji is rooted in the ideology that Technology makes us self-reliant, so we should embrace it. We are committed to empowering, engaging & connecting people with Tech. We build simplified apps for everyday use. Apart from catering towards Senior Digital Literacy and easy apps for Senior citizens, we also help businesses get online shops without the hassles of coding and causing a dent on the pocket.

Our Apps & Services

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    Eji Shop App

    The Eji Shop App helps boutique businesses to go online in less than 1 min!

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    Learning App

    Download the Empowerji app and get tech savvy at your own pace.

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    Organize the Stay Connected workshop for your Senior org..

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Why Empowerji

  • Walk with the times

    Times are changing and the way we do things is also changing. Do not be left behind.

  • Get Tech Savvy

    Technology exists to make our lives easy. The sooner we start adopting it the sooner our lives will get easy. So let’s get Tech Savvy.

  • Become Self-Reliant

    Why depend on others to book a cab or pay your bills? No better feeling than being self-reliant.

  • Feel the Confidence

    Once you are self-reliant, feel a sense of confidence in the air. Its never too late to learn and contribute.


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