Empowerji is rooted in the ideology that Technology makes us self-reliant, so we should embrace it. Empowerji is committed to empowering, engaging and connecting Seniors with Technology. We teach Seniors how to use Technology.


How can we help?

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    Learning App

    Download the Empowerji app and get tech savvy at your own pace.

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    Online Learning

    Learn from comfort of your home from empowerji expert…

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      Organize the Stay Connected workshop for your Senior org..

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      Tech Support

      Get Tech support on everyday problems from experts

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    Why Empowerji

    • Walk with the times

      Times are changing and the way we do things is also changing. Do not be left behind.

    • Get Tech Savvy

      Technology exists to make our lives easy. The sooner we start adopting it the sooner our lives will get easy. So let’s get Tech Savvy.

    • Become Self-Reliant

      Why depend on others to book a cab or pay your bills? No better feeling than being self-reliant.

    • Feel the Confidence

      Once you are self-reliant, feel a sense of confidence in the air. Its never too late to learn and contribute.